KEIL MS5 SDS-plus hammer drill bit with multi-step helix

KEIL MS5 SDS-plus hammer drill bit with multi-step helix

SDS-plus Hammerbohrer

With its latest innovation - the MS5 multi-step helix - KEIL Werkzeugfabrik has proven that even accepted professional tools, such as the VARIO and TURBOKEIL SDS-plus hammer drill bits, still have considerable potential for improvementThis novel drill helix provides several advantages simultaneously which clearly distinguish the MS5 hammer drill bits from most of the hammer drills bits currently available.

The MS5 helix clearly reduces the vibration loads generate during drilling so that the life of the bit is increased considerably. The relatively large flutes reduce the torsion load generated during hammer drilling and thus prevent the accumulation and explosive expulsion of spoil. Owing to the stepped helical shape, the impact energy of the hammer drilling machines is transmitted optimally, leading to higher drilling speeds. The homogenous step transitions and additional strengthening of the core make the drill bit almost indestructible.

Comparative tests have shown that up to 39 % deeper holes can be drilled in the same time. For these tests, holes were drilled in B25 concrete for 15 seconds using the TURBOKEIL MS5 and a traditional hammer drill bit.

Characteristics which professional and quality-conscious users cannot do without:

longer service life
no accumulation of spoil
greater fracture resistance
higher drilling speed

The new MS5 hammer drill bit generation is available in two professional qualities: VARIO hammer drill bits for professional use in stone and concrete and TURBOKEIL hammer drill bits with centring tip for the most demanding applications, even in the hardest stone and reinforced concrete. The production of all KEIL hammer drill bits is controlled and certified. The tools carry the PGM seal, the test mark of the Masonry Drill Testing Association (PGM) which shows that the tools meet the parameters of theDIBt and thus provide for safe anchor fixings.

With the new MS5 SDS-plus hammer drill bits, KEIL Werkzeugfabrik has raised the bar for future requirements for performance and precision.